Manny is a yoga teacher, movement coach, public speaker, and a founder/owner of The Collective Yoga Co-op in Chicago, IL. Manny’s teaching style is technical and precise; his goal is always for you to understand what’s going on in the body before taking shapes or exercises deeper. Manny’s teaching path is dedicated to accessibility and inclusion. His studio, The Collective Yoga Co-op, opened in January 2023, and is dedicated to centering and uplifting LGBTQ+ teachers and teachers of color. They partner regularly with local grassroots organizations to support various causes in Chicago. When not teaching yoga, you can catch Manny at the dog beach with his pup Kaia, eating ice cream on a patio, or planning his next travel adventure.


4:00 pm – Vinyasa at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness Lincoln Park
6:00 pm – Hatha at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness Lincoln Park
7:15 pm – Vinyasa at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness Lincoln Park

7:00 am – Vinyasa at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness Illinois Center
5:45 pm – Power Flow at Zen Yoga Garage
7:15 pm – Hot at Zen Yoga Garage

7:15 am – Vinyasa Lift 45 at The Collective Yoga Co-op
4:15 pm – Burn at Zen Yoga Garage

6:00 pm – Vinyasa at The Collective Yoga Co-op

8:15 am – Vinyasa at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness Lincoln Park

9:00 am – Vinyasa at Zen Yoga Garage
12:00 pm – Vinyasa 75 at The Collective Yoga Co-op
7:00 pm – Vinyasa Release at The Collective Yoga Co-op

Every First Saturday of the Month
10:00 am – Community Yoga for All at Daley Public Library

Schedule subject to change. Please contact directly for most up to date schedule.

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