public Schedule

4:00 pm – Vinyasa at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness Lincoln Park
6:00 pm – Hatha at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness Lincoln Park
7:15 pm – Vinyasa at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness Lincoln Park

7:00 am – Vinyasa at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness Illinois Center
5:45 pm – Power Flow at Zen Yoga Garage
7:15 pm – Hot at Zen Yoga Garage

7:15 am – Vinyasa Lift 45 at The Collective Yoga Co-op
4:15 pm – Burn at Zen Yoga Garage

6:00 pm – Vinyasa at The Collective Yoga Co-op

8:15 am – Vinyasa at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness Lincoln Park

9:00 am – Vinyasa at Zen Yoga Garage
12:00 pm – Vinyasa 75 at The Collective Yoga Co-op
7:00 pm – Vinyasa Release at The Collective Yoga Co-op

Every First Saturday of the Month
10:00 am – Community Yoga for All at Daley Public Library

Schedule subject to change. Please contact directly for most up to date schedule.

keynote speaking

Centuries — even millennia — of yoga history and philosophy give us tools that we use today as modern humans. Whether you practice yoga or not, the concepts of mindfulness, meditation, breath work, core values, and regulating our nervous system have become more and more familiar as they enter the vernacular.

As a seasoned yoga teacher trainer, Manny has developed presentations and curriculum that he has now tailored to suit spaces outside of the yoga studio. From small group team trainings to organization-wide continuing education, Manny has presented at higher education facilities like the University of Illinois at Chicago, and national conferences such as the Helix Conference.

Some examples of presentations include:

  • Breath + Movement for Stress Management
  • Sankalpa: Uncovering Your Core Value
  • Calming the Mind Chatter: Focus via Mindfulness
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Private Instruction

Manny is available for private instruction and has vast experience teaching one-on-one lessons, events, small group classes, corporate settings, and video content creation. Some of his offerings:

  • Personalized yoga practice design (goal-oriented over time)
  • Special events (birthday, bachelorette, outdoor festivals)
  • Corporate classes (team-building, employee self-care)
  • Athletic performance (range of motion improvement, recovery)
  • Myofascial work (trigger point release, cupping, Theragun)
  • Content creation (short videos for corporate or personal use)
Click the button below to send me an email to inquire about rates, availability, and we’ll find a path that works best for you.

Public Workshops & Events

Hop into a special class with me! Keep an eye out on this page for upcoming workshops and events. Here’s what’s on deck:

  • Sunday, 3/24, 7:00 pm – Sound Bath Release at the Co-op
  • Saturday, 4/27, 2:00 pm – Inversion Immersion at ZYG
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